Is your firm protected against breaches to its confidential information?

Your LawyerCare® policy provides your firm with $25,000/$25,000 of CyberCare®* risk protection. You can choose to purchase a higher limit of $250,000. Both endorsements include not only third-party coverage, but also first-party coverage uniquely designed for the data threats law firms face. 

When your firm has a question or claim, you don’t just receive financial assistance—you receive a rapid response from professionals who know what needs to be done.

Coverage includes:

  • Enterprise Privacy and Confidentiality—coverage for legal liability arising from data breaches, including loss of personally identifiable information or confidential information.
  • Crisis/Incident Response—provides you with access to a dedicated panel of experts to help navigate the breach response process from start to finish.
  • Regulatory Defense, Fines, and Penalties*— coverage for regulatory investigations, fines, and penalties arising from a wrongful act.
  • Computer Attacks—coverage for legal liability arising from computer attacks.
  • Damage to or Loss of Client Data—coverage for legal liability in the event of damage to or loss of a client’s electronic data.
  • 24-hour Access to Claims Reporting and Data Breach Services—toll-free 24-hour access to claims reporting and data breach services.

For details, please call your local agent.


* Coverage may not be available in your state.